Posted by John on Aug 19, 2012

Peter Jackson, Alan Lee, John Howe Greetings to the Tolkien Society from New Zealand

We are proud to announce an exclusive video released to the Middle-earth Network from the Tolkien Society Return of the Ring 2012 convention in Loughborough, England.  As reported earlier, this video was graciously sent by Sir Peter Jackson to the Tolkien Society, and was played as a welcome video to open the proceedings at Return of the Ring 2012.  Guests of the event we’re overjoyed to see such a warm message from Sir Peter, Alan Lee and John Howe.  Thanks to Shaun Gunner & the Tolkien Society for releasing the video to share with Tolkien & The Hobbit fans worldwide!

If you thought this was an exciting exclusive; wait until you see what The Middle-earth Network and the Tolkien Society have planned for Hobbit Day 2012.  Stay tuned to the Middle-earth Network and for details.

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2 Responses to “Peter Jackson, Alan Lee, John Howe Greetings to the Tolkien Society from New Zealand”

  1. theodisc says:

    Kia ora Peter, Kia ora to Alan and John. Kia ora tatou for your greeting. December is coming closer and closer. I’m also looking forward to the re-issue of the first edition of The Hobbit.

  2. Matthew says:

    I want Sketchbooks!

    Of course, what I want is to have time to begin drawing again myself. I just got a ton of new digital art tools which I haven’t yet had the time to even use.

    And I have a hard time matching the skill of Alan Lee or John Howë.

    Maybe when I graduate from Grad School (in another 8 years) I will be able to afford to hire them (hoping they are still alive then) to do art for me personally.

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