Posted by Steve "Rifflo" Fitch on Jul 2, 2013
Homemade Star Wars Death Star Trench Run

Homemade Star Wars Death Star Trench Run


From Homemade Movies at CineFix, comes this amazing HOMEMADE Death Star Trench Run! Chris Hardwick, Nerdist, stars as Luke Skywalker in this sci-fi remake.

“Star Wars fans rejoice! Homemade Movies recreates the climactic ‘Death Star Trench Run’ from Star Wars with the help of Chris Hardwick and Jonah Ray from Nerdist. This is an exact shot-for-shot recreation made entirely at home without fancy CGI or visual effects. Made entirely with trash barrels, cardboard, toys, and love.”

Go behind the scenes to see how this sci-fi classic scene was recreated.


Homemade Movies serves up creative remakes of your favorite trailers and movie scenes. All videos are exact shot-for-shot remakes created at home without any visual effects. It’s “sweded” movie magic from acclaimed director Dustin McLean! Be sure to leave a comment below for what movie you want to see homemade next.

From the film creators:

“CineFix is the ultimate destination for true movie buffs & filmmakers on YouTube. We are the most passionate film network that covers the biggest blockbusters, uncovers the smallest independent gems and entices you to contribute, critique & create. We provide unparalleled behind the scenes access, candid interviews and dynamic original programming by both new and established voices for die-hard film lovers.”

What Star Wars scene would you like to see “homemade” next? See the original article from the Nerdist here.

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