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Heath Dill Hosting Hobbit Day On Middle-Earth Network

Heath Dill Hosting Hobbit Day On Middle-Earth Network

Official press release from Oloris Publishing:

Heath Dill Hosting Hobbit Day On Middle-Earth Network
“Medium Rare and Back Again” Author Serves Antics and Recipes on Cooking Show

On September 22, fans across the world will be celebrating Hobbit Day. Throughout the Middle-earth Network broadcast, Heath Dill will be demonstrating recipes from his book “Medium Rare and Back Again” soon to be released through Oloris Publishing. During the show Heath will be joined by Corey Olsen (Mythguard Institute) and Ethan Gilsdorf (Geekdad/Wired). Come enjoy the lively banter between the three longtime friends as they serve up dishes for the appetites of both body and soul. Music on the show will be provided by musician Samantha Gillogly, violinist extraordinaire of the Celtic flaire and will be filmed live at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston.

The Middle-earth broadcast will be full of hobbit-like events. There will be interviews, musicians, artists, gamers, and news for fans all across the spectrum. In the days leading up to the broadcast, there will be a recipe spotlighted each day so that fans can prepare an appropriate feast while benefitting from Heath’s culinary skills. Join Oloris Publishing and the Middle-earth Network for a day of fun and celebration that can be had only by those who cherish fellowship, food and drink above all else.

Dillicious Foods is the creation of Heath Dill, chef and food blogger, as well as author of the upcoming cookbook “Medium Rare and Back Again”.

The Dillicious blog launched in 2010, to critical acclaim from all seven of its regular readers. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, singing, and playing ultimate frisbee, albeit not all at the same time. He resides in Arlington, MA.


The spotlighted recipes preceding Hobbit Day can be found at Dillicious Foods, ( Facebook (, and Twitter (

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Oloris Publishing is a dynamic venture that seeks to expand the vision of traditional publishing by welcoming and showcasing vibrant, new voices, and embracing various media for their expression. We believe that the publishing process should be a true collaboration, in which our authors and illustrators are very involved so that their own voices truly shine. Visit Oloris on the Internet at Oloris Publishing ( and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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